MA Motorsports | New Release Product Install: ATI Stock Replacement Damper Nissan 370Z
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New Release Product Install: ATI Stock Replacement Damper Nissan 370Z

New Release Product Install: ATI Stock Replacement Damper Nissan 370Z


ATI has been a proven force in the aftermarket damper industry for many years, we have been using them on the VK56 engines in our competition 370Zs with no issues. When they came to us about redesigning a damper to work on the factory 370Z Wet sump engines we were more than happy to help them out!

What we have here is a factory spec damper that runs a factory belt, and will clear the dipstick tube. Fitment is spot on and the engine is running smoother than ever! I know there have been some issues in the past with a few people on here getting the ATI Damper that was designed by another shop, but not noted to ATI that it was only for a dry sump application. That is all fixed now and ATI is aware of all the fitment notes.

For those of you not familiar with an aftermarket damper, it is designed around the idea that a motor spends more time under extreme abuse (Higher rev’s), and with the issues we have seen on the VHR motors, every little bit of protection helps. The Install was done on a customer’s 2009 370Z with 70k miles on it, this car does not see the track, but is driven spiritedly on the street. As you can see, the stock damper is already starting to fail. I see a large amount of people out there with “Underdrive Pulleys” on these motors and that scares me, that takes away any cushion the crank has and places the vibrations into the motor itself. That is why you see many of them braking or snapping the center. For not much more than a factory replacement, you have yourself a very nice aftermarket safety net.

Install was very strait forward, pull the old pulley off, measure crank and clearance the ATI hub to spec (Listed in the instructions) and install the ATI Damper.


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