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Michaels Supra – Motec M130 and more!

Michaels Supra – Motec M130 and more!

This Toyota Supra was originally built in 2002 near Los Angeles California, and since then it seems as though it was hardly used or driven. Michael and his father found this car and just had to add to their growing automotive collection.

Before the car even made it home, they were in contact and making plans to drop the car off with us to inspect and make any changes needed to help meet their needs. The goal for the car was to be a reliable weekend car that could handle anything they decided to throw at it. To meet these goals a few changes had to be made.

We started with a full fluid change, as we could only guess how long this thing had been sitting. A combination of Motul and Toyota fluids would fit the bill perfectly!


After we finished that, along with all of the basic tune up items. It was time to address the aging suspension on the car. With 15 year old shocks and springs a change had to be made. We reached out to our friends at Stance Suspension to go over the project with them, we came up with the perfect set of custom valved XR1 Coilovers. With a fast turn around time and great customer service they where on their way and ready to be installed! On the car they went, and then it was time to align and corner balance the car to assure the best ride possible!



Once the coilovers where installed, it was time for the next phase. The plan was laid out to remove all of the early 2000s era electronics and fuel system to make room for some upgrades.


First up was the injectors, the old no name injectors and rail where pulled in favor of a new Radium Automotive Rail and Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors, the fuel filter was pulled and replaced with a new filter element.



As that was all finished up, we built a plug and play jumper harness to add the new Motec Systems USA M130 ECU package to control the 2JZGTE Engine.



With the addition of a heavier spring to the Greddy Wastegate , the Supra put out 504.5 HP and 405ftlb of torque on our Mainline Dyno with a very conservative tune that will keep this car on the road for many years to come!

Thank you to Michael and his father for allowing us to be a part of this project and we cant wait to see the car back for some more upgrades in the future!



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