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MA-Motorsports Nissan 370Z Harness Bar

MA-Motorsports Nissan 370Z Harness Bar

After a customer request for a harness bar for his street/track build we where very unimpressed with the options on the market for him, so in true MA-Motorsports fashion we decided to build our own!


With our background in Roll cages, and chassis fabrication we set out to build a harness bar that could not only keep you safe on track, but also look good while doing so! After speaking with members of the 370Z community we decided that it had to retain the stock seat-belts as many people did not want to use the harness’s for day to day use. Once that was decided we also wanted to brace the bar from the rear, as a big concern we saw with other units on the market was the lack of support, and ability to change axis and position under stress. We use two existing studs in the front of the rear cargo area to add a vertical support to the bar, making it as strong as it could ever be!


This is a great option for those of you that like to AutoX, or do some track events throughout the year, but also like to hop in and cruise to the store without feeling like you are preparing for the next cannonball run! The benefits of a good harness set up, and a good set of seats can be felt almost immediately once you are on track.  You are able to relax, no longer will you have to brace for turns to hold your body in place. You will feel much more confidant in your ability to feel, and control the car, focus on steering inputs, and shave time off your lap times!


Here is a good write up from one of our customers that competes in some Global Time Attack events:


MA-Motorsports Harness bar DIY


And here is where you can buy it:


MA-Motorsports 370Z Harness Bar


370ZHB1 370ZHB4 370ZHB3 370ZHB2




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