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Jades Twin Turbo 370Z Build

Jades Twin Turbo 370Z Build

We came in contact with Jade about a year ago when she was in need of some work on her 2009 Nissan 370Z NISMO. After going back and forth for a few months getting down the details and goals for her build, it was decided that we would build an upgraded VQ37VHR engine to suit the power and other long term goals she had for the car at the time. With that engine build we also had selected the Fast Intentions Stage 1 turbo kit to bring her car up to the next level of performance to meet her needs. The goal was a daily driven 500hp car, with room to grow in the future if she decides to do so.


Car was brought in, engine removed and disassembled for machining.





With the engine build it was also decided that she would be one of the first two cars to receive the Jim Wolf Technologies C1 Exhaust cams for the VQ37VHR (The first ever turbo engine these went into) as we had been working with JWT on testing the cams on the naturally aspirated engines with great success.




Machining was done and it was time to assemble the engine, at this time it was also decided that we needed to develop tooling to inspect, measure, clean, and modify the factory Nissan VVEL system that was thought to be “sealed” by many engine builders. We wanted to be able to clean and verify the systems operation on all future engine builds so we would always know it was 100% correct.




As we finished up the engine the Fast Intentions Stage 1 turbo kit arrived, this is the best turbo kit on the market for the 370Z currently. The attention to detail and the quality of the parts is un matched.

We quickly got to installing the kit, and preparing the engine for install:


jade3 jade4



With the turbo kit installed, and fuel system ran it was time to put it all together:



Engine started, oil changed, and all connections gone over. Car was ready to be tuned!


The car hit the Dyno and was tuned to a conservative 419whp on E85 and 9psi of boost using ECUtek  . This was enough power to help her get used to the car again and not feel overwhelmed by the power, it was decided that she would return in a few months to up the boost and get that power up to the goal.







She has had the car back for about 7 months now and I am happy to report it has taken all of the abuse like a champ, many long cruises, and drag strip nights have tested this cars limits and it takes every last bit of it and keeps on asking for more.

Jade370Z-2 Jade370Z-17




Contact us today here at MA-Motorsports for any of your Nissan 370Z Needs, we have been one of Baltimore Maryland’s premier performance shops for nearly 20 years and wold love to be a part of your next project!




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