MA Motorsports | S13 and S14 Rollcages
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S13 and S14 Rollcages

About This Project

From Drifting, and Road Racing, to Rally, and Drag racing our cages have proven their worth time and time again over the years. With S13s and S14s being one of our most worked on cars as far as roll cages go we thought it was about time we got some photos up of our work!  Our cages are built to any needed sanctioning body and class restrictions or requirements that are required, there will be no worries of our work not passing tech inspection!


In most cases our cages uses 1.75x.095″ DOM tubing for the mandatory tubes and 1.5x.095″ for the extra bars to save a little weight.  Our goal is always tight fitment to the chassis not only to allow the driver as much room in there as possible, but also to strengthen the chassis for any impact that may come its way in the future. An added benefit is a more predictable and stable car.



Roll Cages