MA Motorsports | Cobra Kit Car Custom Roll Bar
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Cobra Kit Car Custom Roll Bar

Most of these Cobra kit cars you see have these thin wall chrome roll bars bolt in them that if actually put to the test, wouldn’t do much for saving you in an accident. This particular customers Cobra makes some good power and he wanted to be safe in the event something did happen to him while he was enjoying his project. We were contracted to install a real roll bar at the proper height with some side impact as well. The result is this TIG welded, DOM steel tubing fabricated piece you see here. ┬áProper clearance for a helmet and rollover room along with optional swing out door bars that can be removed if you didn’t want to hassle with them for a particular weekend. We love doing custom jobs like this and meeting our customers plans and visions. Feel free to call or email us for a quote on your custom roll bar or roll cage job!