MA Motorsports | About Us
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About Us

There hasn’t been much we haven’t been able to do when asked “Can you guys…?”

Other than body work, we do most any mechanical and fabrication work to most any late model vehicle. We started out doing only high performance(and street performance) upgrades to cars but have began doing a lot of regular repair and maintenance type work as well. So if you need anything or have any family or friends that need regular repair work, give us a try. We pride ourselves in being honest automotive professionals who love what we do!


Our Dyno Dynamics dyno has been singing since early 2007 when we picked it up. It allows consistent steady state calibrating of programmable engine management systems along with ramped pulls for displaying horsepower and torque. We use it primarily for calibrating engine management systems, but it’s also useful for speedometer recalibration, fuel economy testing and troubleshooting difficult drivability issues in a controlled environment. With the low inertia rollers, the smallest changes in output can be seen in a plot. The resolution of the machine is fine enough to show the pedal strokes of a bicycle by a person. Ray here at the shop has over 10 years experience wiring and tuning engine management systems including Electromotive Haltech, Motec, VIPEC, PROEFI, Accel DFI and Apexi Power FC and can come up with creative triggering setups and tune for any strategy you can imagine. Also we can setup your electronic boost controller or dial in your S-AFC. If you do your own tuning and would like to use our state of the art equipment, that can also be arranged. For more info on what kind of systems we tune or pricing please contact us.

We offer fabrication of most anything on a race car or truck or even non automotive/ motorcycle related like a skateboard rail or a one off aperture mount for your chemical lab equipment. We have many years experience in welding with both mig and tig machines welding both ferrous and non ferrous metals. So whether it be a production welding job or a quick fix we can help.


Along with our various welder, band saw, plasma cutting abilities we also have a small lathe and vertical milling machine in house. While we don’t have the time(or CNC equipment) currently to take on huge machining jobs, we can turn out small items for certain applications, so please inquire and we will let you know if we can help with your small machining project. If we can’t help we can probably tell you who can.


Wiring work is another area we specialize in. Not as much typical 12 volt stereo and alarm installs, but more Electronic Fuel Injection system wiring and Chassis/ charging system wiring, whether it be from scratch or repairing existing work. We will work within a particular budget and use the best materials within that budget.


  • Logan 9″ Metal Turning Lathe
  • 12×14 Horizontal/ mitering Band saw
  • Niagra 48″ Stomp Shear
  • Pexto 36″ Slip Roll
  • Powermatic Inudstrial Drill Press
  • Barth Bead rolling tool
  • OTC 25 Ton Shop Press
  • Safety Kleen Parts Washer
  • Coats 900 Wheel Balancer
  • Coats 5050 Tire Mounting Machine

  • Dyno Dynamics ’07 2WD Chassis Dyno w/ Blue Tooth Technology
  • 2x Rotary 2 Post Lifts
  • 2x Aamco 2 Post Lifts
  • Aamco Single post Alignment Lift
  • Miller Syncrowave 300 Heliarc TIG Welding Machine
  • Miller Millermatic 251 MIG Welding Machine
  • Hypertherm 1000 Plasma Cutter
  • Dewalt 14″ Chop Saw
  • DOALL V-36 Vertical Bandsaw (The Mammoth)
  • Powermatic 6×48″ Belt sander w/ 12″ Disc
  • Bridgeport 9×48 Vertical Milling Machine